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Neon Rider Neon Rider

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well designed and implemented

Nice mix of action with a dash a puzzle. The music is on the verge of being annoying once you hear it too many times, but overall it's not that bad and you can turn it off anyway.

There is one mistake you made though. If your game is played with the keyboard, don't make players navigate the menus with a mouse. It was annoying to have to switch to the mouse every level, and I would've had a smoother experience on the whole if I could've just hit "enter" to go to the next level directly after beating one.

If you wanted to up the graphics to the next level, giving the bike some specular highlights based on the terrain near it would be pretty cool. More of a frills thing, but cool none-the-less.

Good work. I look forward to seeing more games from you in the future.

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Level Up! Level Up!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well designed with smooth gameplay

Graphics worked well along with the sound. Gameplay was fluid and the game was easy to grasp. I don't want to be mean to the artist, but from a professional standpoint the weakest part of the game was the art in the art sequences.

Gameplay Suggestions
I suggest that the radar show you the way towards gems you have not yet picked up. I'm sitting at 99.7% and can't for the life of me find the last few gems.

The air recovery should probably grant a brief window of invulnerability, because you can easily get yourself killed if you recover and immediatetly get hit again (the boulders falling during the nightmare boss, for instance.)

The pit at the bottom of the tower to the right of the sky sequence is poorly designed. When you have low jump and no double jump, falling down there is almost a guarenteed death, and that sort of "gotcha" design doesn't fit well with the rest of the game (even the lava, a traditional deathtrap, does only 1 to 0 damage.)

Also, I could never find the "dashing course" one of the medals refers to. Not sure if I just didn't recognize it or I never actually found it.

+I activated the computer around day 5. When I came back the next day (I didn't have 100%), I activated it again and nothing happened, except that I could no longer move my character and had to restart the game.

+I hit "restart" on the menu during a game where I had level 5 everything. I then went back to the menu and hit "load." The 5 graphics underneath your healthbar that fill with experience were uncolored, as if I were still at level 1, though I still had level 5 in the status screen and jumped/ran/etc at level 5.

+After hitting "load" same scenario as above, the character that fell onto the protagonist's fence was still in a lying position on the ground, though I could interact with him normally.

+The medals are not working.

Anyway, on the whole this was a great game. I'll be keeping an eye out for more of your work and good luck with the sequel.

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Lastman Lastman

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pick 2...

Sluggish controls
"Gotcha" Level Design
Mid-game Advertisements

But you can't have all 3.

Had you invested a little time into making the physics more fluid (platformer wise), perhaps the other two would've been bearable. I don't mind mid-game advertisements in a good game, but seeing them in a frustrating and mediocre game makes feels too much like you're just milking the player for money.

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Free Will - The Game Free Will - The Game

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not much replay value...

But a funny play on words. You either free Will or you don't. If you don't, then there is no free Will.

The sound fit well and didn't get annoying. The grapics were easy on the eyes, though the "characters/enemies" themselves don't seem to have any particular meaning.

The game was short, simple, and had a funny message. Good job to the guys down there at Raitendo.

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Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Momentum Missile Mayhem 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply Awesome

Amazing visuals, even running in low quality. The sounds were satisfying and had enough variety to avoid becoming repetetive, and the gameplay never ceases to be fun. The physics and different weapons you can use to cause mass mayhem keeps the game fresh even after playing for hours. The last level did get a bit long, with random vehicles flying past the screen (due to explosions) and failing you before you can do anything about it, but overall great work. 5/5